Employee Health and Wellness

Who chokes up at workplace horror stories? Who gets swept away by the excitement on the appraisal day that they leap to their feet and break down in tears? We are dealing with a mass exodus creating ripples in the corporate world.

Although human emotions have long been considered an unprofessional trademark, it is no longer a perplexing diagnostic that workplace satisfaction does play a vital role in determining the employee health and wellness quotient.

Look at the trend of bulk resignations, demand for better employee wellness benefits, and emphasis on devising ways to eliminate the visible sediment of collecting mental distress. This ideology laid the foundation of Myhelse. We strive hard to support employers and their teams so that they achieve optimal workplace wellness.

A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on work environment and employee benefits in the USA shows that people spend an average of 2.9 years with each employer. A sharp drop from the late 80s, when the tenure spent with a company used to be 3.2 years.

The statistics left companies scrambling for answers. Although employers display a vested interest in fostering a friendly environment, the truth that has sullied their image of putting targets over tendons reigns supreme.

Better Doesn’t Mean More Money

Employees, regardless of background, are deliberately clambering over walls, apparently to elude the moil of the stressful work environment that pays them enough to numb their pain. Further, the international economic cataclysm has taught employees to stop measuring success with money and look beyond the boundaries.

Now, the focus is on achieving work-life balance, and wellness, along with deciphering the correct negotiations. The companies are slowly but doggedly trying to help the workforce by implementing practices that foster optimal health and workplace health hygiene.

While conceptualizing Myhelse, we knew that, even though workforce is an asset, it sadly cajoles itself into compromising health for perks. Our mission is to revamp the obvious dilapidated corporate wellness situation in America and all across the globe.

Productivity is Not a Slave of Stress

Do we need stress to boost company growth?

With time, employees turn tender- but not talkative. Growing instances of quitting, compromised employee wellness, and professional detachment are rampant in the global corporate scenario.

Some reasons behind the occurrence:

  • An unfortunate wide gap between the HR department and the employees.
  • Emphasis on garish employee wellness packages instead of a strategy that is effective.
  • Meetings and conversations geared more towards results and not little milestones achieved.
  • No mental health break or real-time wellness support for employees.
  • Minimal focus on devising a strategy to boost productivity.

Looking to improve employee productivity? It is essential to understand that keeping the workplace happy and healthy is not a withering concept.

It took us years of research to deduce that imposing overwhelming stress is not the antidote for the stagnant graph or to assure ninja performance. Myhelse Inc offers solutions that elevate workplace wellness by allowing practitioners and experts to work in teams and find synergy.

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