Shaji Nair

Co-founder & CEO

Shaji Nair is a visionary leader who is committed to leveraging the power of technology and human networks to address the most urgent challenges of our time. As Co-founder and President of MyHelse™, Shaji brings more than 20years of international, executive-level leadership experience in information technology, business improvement, and project management.

Shaji has served as a consultant for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and government agencies to increase efficiency and accelerate growth through digital and Agile transformations, as well as the development and launch of innovative, market-responsive products and services.

In addition to experience in manufacturing, international trade, banking, and government, Shaji has a robust background in the healthcare industry, where he has worked with private and federal clients to develop solutions for personal healthcare data, individual health portals, health risk assessments, and more.

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