Improve employee health and wellness using the power of artificial intelligence & an engaging mobile app

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. MyHelse™️ offers employers a comprehensive solution for tracking employee wellness and supporting employees in achieving their health and fitness goals. The platform offers a company-branded mobile app for employees, along with a digital dashboard for human resources to view staff progress.Via the mobile app, employees receive customized lifestyle content, nutrition guidance and tracking, activity monitoring and reminders, and more. Through the company-wide dashboard, HR decision makers can monitor employee health trends and proactively plan health seminars and other wellness initiatives. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics ensure suggestions are custom-tailored, both for individuals and for the employer.

Providers & Clinics

Solutions for data-driven care at the scale your clinic needs

MyHelse™️ for Providers helps clinicians and small practices offer patient-centered, data-driven care. The platform connects patients with providers to ensure proactive care management and treatment adherence. Easily engage with patients through appointment scheduling, intuitive telemedicine capabilities, care coordination, and patient health risk alerts for missed appointments, unfilled prescriptions, and more.

Hospitals & Independent Delivery Networks

Helping hospitals and independent delivery networks make diabetes care management more efficient while improving health outcomes

With MyHelse™️ for HS/IDN, discover a flexible, easy-to-integrate solution for taking charge of out-of-control diabetes care management costs. MyHelse™️ for HS/IDN helps solve the diabetes challenge by equipping individuals with their personal health data, intuitive prescription and appointment tracking tools, multimedia lifestyle health content, telehealth capabilities, and more, resulting in more proactive care management. When patients manage care proactively, they can prevent costly complications and even prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes. Hospital systems, clinicians, and others can make MyGlukose part of your existing systems to not only improve care and health outcomes, but predict future needs, reduce costs, and operate more efficiently.

Lifestyle Experts

Deliver wellness content and expertise to those who need it most

Lifestyle experts can directly reach those who can most benefit from their expertise using MyHelse™️. Through the mobile app, health and wellness experts can publish and push content to health care plan members, employers, and others across the healthcare spectrum. From fitness to nutrition, experts can offer paid services and consultation to members and groups, synchronize content across social platforms, and access predictive analytics on current market demands.

Payers & Insurers

Improving member health to reduce payer costs

With MyHelse™️ for Payers, insurance providers can create efficiencies in the management of expensive chronic conditions like diabetes, including the proactive treatment of pre-diabetes. Using predictive analytics and intuitive dashboards, payers can stratify populations by risk, evaluate and plan for financial impacts of costly conditions and care, and identify opportunities to engage at-risk members in improving their health through preventive care.

Public Sector

Large-scale solutions for public health providers

Bring the benefits of MyHelse™️ to enrollees of public health plans and programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, Tricare, state health programs, and more—all through a platform that easily adapts to the most complex infrastructure and policies.

Native American Healthcare Systems

A cost-saving solution for native healthcare systems

MyHelse™️ has developed a comprehensive solution to equip tribal nation health systems, insurance providers, and native nations with self-funded group insurance, to make evidence-based decisions in providing quality care for diabetic enrolled plan participants. Powered by artificial intelligence, our proprietary platform uses data generated by enrolled plan participants to predict health outcomes, provide opportunities to proactively treat enrolled plan participants, and prevent costly complications. Engagement with plan participants is culturally-relevant and designed to inspire a sense of community support. Our customization options make it easy to seamlessly integrate the MyHelse™️ for AI/AN HS platform with your existing systems.

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